About Coaching From My Couch

My dream has always been to have a career in football, whether as a football analyst, writer, commentator, coach, or any other role. Unfortunately, employers hiring for these roles demand bachelors degrees (I have yet to see Football-2301 in any degree plan), and will usually also require college football or professional football playing experience (keep in mind less than 7% of athletes who play high school sports ever play college or higher). Because of these demands, I am not “qualified” to pursue my career aspirations.

While I am not a current or former coach and never played college or professional football, I do study the game of football religiously, and feel like I know a lot more about the game than the average fan. If I am not watching it, I am listening to podcasts or reading articles about it. So, I decided to stockpile everything I know about the game of football on this website, both for others to read and learn from, and for my own future reference and study.

Football is an ever-changing game, and I am an ever-learning autodidact. Translation: what I know about the game of football is based on my own research from film study, listening to current and former coaches, and reading articles from trusted sources over the years, and there is always new information coming in to process and dissect. Therefore, I reserve the right to be wrong from time to time!

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