The Bears Have To Move On From Mitchell Trubisky

Mitchell Trubisky has now played 33 games in the NFL. He has repeatedly told us what he is, and after about 32 starts, you know what you’ve got in a quarterback. He’s a backup level quarterback. He currently has attempted 216 passes at this point in the 2019 season, and has just five touchdown passes to show for it. This is with a quarterback friendly head coach who happens to be an innovative play caller, great offensive personnel, and a top tier defense.

Here is his passing chart from week 9 against a very suspect pass defense of the Eagles. Quarterbacks can and often do perform well while throwing for less than 200 yards. A quarterback can be great and not throw touchdowns. A quarterback can win games while not having many attempts. What a quarterback cannot do is complete less than 50% of his passes in addition to all of the other things mentioned above.

As you can see, he very rarely threw to the middle of the field, or deep. Five of his ten pass completions came behind the line of scrimmage. This isn’t just a rare bad game either. He consistently throws underneath. If you look at his best games of the season, you’ll see why he isn’t a starting level quarterback.

Week 3 at Washington, a very bad defense, Trubisky threw for 3 touchdowns. He also had an efficient day completing 25/31 passes for 231 yards. The only problem is, 24 of those completions were at a depth of less than 15 yards. It’s a not a shocker that his only pass of 30+ yards was a touchdown given the defense was seeing nothing but underneath throws the rest of the time.

Week 7 vs New Orleans, he completed 34/54 passes (63%) for 251 yards and 2 touchdowns. Based off of sheer numbers, this is a decent performance, but if you look at his chart, you see that 31 of his 34 completions were at a depth of 10 yards or less.

The Bears are trying to hold on to hope that Trubisky is going to transform into a franchise quarterback, but he has shown you what he is. Believe him. It’s better to own up to your mistake in drafting him so high, cut your losses, and start fresh by getting the next potential franchise quarterback in. Otherwise, you’re letting a very good roster waste away.

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