Touchdowns Only: Dallas Cowboys Offense vs Vikings

This is a bit of a clear out concept by the Cowboys. By having three deep concepts, and two that break right, the left side of the field is left open for Gallup who is crossing right to left.

  • Amari Cooper: motions across, then runs a deep route (and is actually open)
  • Jason Witten: deep post route breaking right
  • Randall Cobb: deep out route breaking right
  • Michael Gallup: underneath crossing route behind the mike, and due to all of the deep routes he is wide open

Dak got the look from the defense that he wanted here and knew this ball was going to Cobb. If you watch Gallup and Cooper, it confirms that everyone else knew it too. With an outside release, Cobb throws his hand up calling for the ball as soon as he gets to the numbers. The ball placement by Dak could not have been better.

  • Amari Cooper: outside release (decoy)
  • Michael Gallup: outside release (decoy)
  • Blake Jarwin: outside release to deep post breaking left
  • Ezekiel Elliott: quick out
  • Randall Cobb: outside release to numbers and get downfield

This is a well designed play with a lot going on. It creates a lot of information to decipher and react to. The three receiving options create three levels (short, intermediate, deep) and flood the right side of the field.

  • Tony Pollard: jet sweep action from right to left
  • Offensive Line: blocks for jet sweep left
  • Dak Prescott: fakes exchange to jet sweep, sprints right
  • Jason Witten: outside release pass block
  • Ezekiel Elliott: left to right sprint to flat route to establish first level receiving option
  • Michael Gallup: crossing route left to right to establish second level receiving option
  • Amari Cooper: outside release comeback to establish third level receiving options

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