Texas Two-Steps Backward

The Texas Longhorns football team has lost four of it's last six football games, one of those wins was an uninspiring two point victory over Kansas in a shootout, and a three point win over Kansas State. As a result, the Longhorns are now 6-5, with no shot at a Big 12 championship or New … Continue reading Texas Two-Steps Backward

Jason Garrett Wasted Tony Romo, Now He’s Wasting Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott played arguably his best game of his career yesterday against the Minnesota Vikings at home. The Cowboys lost. 28/46397 Yds3 TD1 Int (hail mary) I don't think it's a question to anyone WHY the Cowboys lost. They had the ball with a chance to score a go ahead touchdown and decided to be … Continue reading Jason Garrett Wasted Tony Romo, Now He’s Wasting Dak Prescott

4-2-5: The New Base Defense

Generally speaking, the base defense of most football teams is either a 4-3 front (4 defensive linemen with 3 linebackers) or a 3-4 front (3 defensive linemen and 4 linebackers). With their base defense in mind, teams will fill their defensive rosters accordingly to fit the needs that their chosen base defense demands. The 43 … Continue reading 4-2-5: The New Base Defense

Football Terminology: GAPS

You will often see me (and any other person talking football) refer to the word gap, when speaking about both offense and defense, for example "the Mike backer has weakside A gap responsibility". The specific definition of a gap in football terms would be a space between two offensive players or between an offensive player … Continue reading Football Terminology: GAPS